IMG_2090I cherish a good cathartic process.

This of course, covers a broad spectrum of creative experiences.

Sometimes I cry…as a result of caring too much.

I love capturing moments of truth with my iPad camera or borrowed point and shoot. When I draw spontaneously and improvise…I feel confident.

Much of the time, I dance when no one is looking.

As an Instructional Assistant for an elementary school, I hold a special place for those young students who’ve been branded as shy and difficult to figure out: the creative and misunderstood. Ultimately, I vow to help these students learn how to recognize their inner strength. To teach them how to discover their unique process for learning, participating and knowing.

You see, my dynamic process was, and still is, misunderstood.

So, at the age of 57, this blog is a true beginning. Eventually, I would like this site to be a place for encouragement and audience participation.  Applauding the talented, quiet comrades who possess creative vision. Celebrating students who must fearlessly make the effort to be seen before they are heard.



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